Combine Mac OS Screen Caputres into One PDF File Using the Automator

Combine multiple screen captures into one PDF file using the Automator under Mac OS X.


In my last post, I introduced how to use the command lines in the Terminal window in Mac OS to combine multiple screen captures into one PDF file. If you are not familiar with the command lines, it might be a little bit daunting. Today, I will introduce how to achieve the same goal using the Automator tool in Mac OS, which does not require you to have any programming background at all.


Automator comes with Mac OS 10.4 or later. You can access it from the Applications. Automator allows you to create workflows and services that are repetitive in nature and kind of tedious for you to do manually. What we wish to accomplish here is exactly of that nature.

Once in Automator, you can choose the Workflow icon from the template to start a new workflow.


What we want to do here involves three actions in Automator. First, select the folder where your screen capture images to be combined are located. Second, get the folder contents. Third, choose to combine the images to one PDF file. You can find relevant actions from the Files & Folders library and PDFs library respectively. Drag relevant actions to the right panel in the order that they will be executed and specify options for the actions. Save your workflow so that you can use it later. Click on the run button at the top right corner. It will ask you to select the folder. Once the folder is selected, the Automator will run. The log in the bottom right panel will show the processes and time used. Check the PDF file to make sure it is what you want. You are done. It is that simple.


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